Loading, precaching and loadClip

so i have three swfs:

they have nothing in their stage but they have items in thier libraries. they are used in a way so that once they are downloaded they can be used in any of the other swfs that i will load on top of them (pre-caching). i’m trying to build a queu preloader so that when each library is loaded it will tell you the library currently loading and will wait until it is done to move to the next library.

i have another swf (home.swf) which uses an image from the imageLib.swf. when i load the libraries and then the home.swf when it gets to home.swf it loads imageLib.swf again. i remember reading something somewhere that the trick to this is having another swf, let’s call it imageLibTrigger.swf which contains an item from imageLib.swf and after this is loaded, home.swf will start loading but since imaLib.swf was loaded because of imageLibTrigger.swf…the filesize for home.swf would be like 1k.

i’ve managed to do all this by using a script i found in flashmatics.co.uk for queuing preloads. the problem is that when i load up the swfs the script just shows the size of the trigger swfs which are 1k and not the the size of the libraries they are triggering.

like i said, if i just load up the libraries themselves when a swf is loaded using an asset from one of the libraries, that library will be downloaded again.

does anybody have any suggestion on how to go about this? any help would be appreciated. thanks.