Loading Problem

I’m having a problem with how some of my .swf’s are loading into my main movie.
I have several small .swf’s that are directed to load into my main movie as people would be navigating the different products the site has to offer.
My problem is that for the ‘product content’ .swf’s I wanted the content to appear as it loaded, sorta like an HTML page looks when it loads, so I didn’t put any sort of preloader on them and I told the .swf to load from “Top Down” in the ‘Export’ dialouge box, and arranged my content within the movie to appear in the order I wanted it to…
…BUT once I loaded it onto the web and checked it from there with my slow connection I noticed that, with my ‘product content’ movies, althought the entire .swf had loaded certain elements such as pictures and text had not appeared. BUT, if that same .swf was to be unloaded and then loaded back into the main movie, everything shows up fine, presumably because the .swf called for had already been loaded so it comes right up.
This is probably a really simple problem, but I appreciate any help that anyone can give me!