Loading problem

i am trying to load an image (or swf) in a movie that is itself loaded in a main movie… these are my actions for loading the secondary movie in the main one

and these are the actions for loading a .jpg in the secondary movie…
it works fine if i open the movie directly, but if i launch it from the main movie, when i clikc the button, the movie just dissapears

_root refers to the main timeline of the movie you’re loading it into.
Therefore doesn’t work anymore.

btn2.onPress = function() {
    this.createEmptyMovieClip("container", 1);
    loadMovie("i_see.swf", container);

Next time copy and paste the AS in your thread, is easier for people to work with.

maybe i should explain this a little bit better… so, i have my main file, main.swf… there is a menu in the left, with 3 buttons… if i click the 2nd one (b2), i_see.swf is loaded in the right side of the main movie (it doesn’t cover the entire space and must not replace the main movie, as it happens if i use your script)… going further now… i_see.swf is actually my portofolio section… there are thumbnails… if i click one of them, the larger image must be loaded… the loaders work separately, but if i load i_see.swf in main.swf, then the image doesn’t load in i_see.swf (which simply dissapears)…
i tried about all paths possible… both loaders with root, both with this, both with nothing and any other combination… it just doesn’t work

Did you try
[AS]b4.onPress = function() {
_parent.createEmptyMovieClip(“container2”, 2);
_parent.container2._x = _parent.container2._y=100;


yupiiiii… it works… thanks scotty…
one problem less

You"re welcome;)