Loading problems

I am a total beginners and a i am trying to create my first web page in flash mx.
i did a main page with an empty movie clip that loads an external swf. it works well and
the back button works good too but when i load the external swf it overlap over the main
and i can sse both the main page over the external swf .What i am i doing wrong?
also how do i give multiple effects to a button? i mean do i have to give the affects over
different layers?
Thanks a lot

Something that may work for you is to have your movie clip that you dont want seen anymore “unload” when you press your button.

so as an example you would have - Load movie clip on layer 2 and unload movie on layer 1 on the same button.

I dont have flash here with me so I cannot give you the exact code. That should work.

Thanks a lot i will give it a try.