Loading random images from php

So this is my first thread ever on Kirupa. I’ve done a search for my topic for about a week now and can’t find an answer to my question.
Well here it goes:
I am loading random images of products from a php file into a movie clip. I got this part working, however I need these images to fit inside the movie clip. (Mind you all the images are random sizes) I don’t want the movie clip to change size, what I need is for the images to fit within the movie clip. As of now the images are loading really large. The images will also serve as buttons linking you to pages for the products. Is there a way to make it so the images resize to fit. Here’s the AS:


sp_title1_txt.text = this.item1_title;
sp_LP1_txt.text = this.item1_listPrice;
sp_OP1_txt.text = this.item1_ourPrice;

    sp_title2_txt.text = this.item2_title;
    sp_LP2_txt.text = this.item2_listPrice;
    sp_OP2_txt.text = this.item2_ourPrice;
    sp_title3_txt.text = this.item3_title;
    sp_LP3_txt.text = this.item3_listPrice;
    sp_OP3_txt.text = this.item3_ourPrice;

This is the AS for the images once they are loaded.

this.sp_image1.onRelease = function(){

this.sp_image2.onRelease = function(){

this.sp_image3.onRelease = function(){

thank you in advance for any help to my problemo!