Loading Random Quotes - Auto Scrolling?!

Hi All,

I did a tutorial which I learn how to load random text at a textbox.

the code:

System.useCodepage = true; 
//-- Random Quotes Script 
ranQuote = new LoadVars(); 
ranQuote.onLoad = function(sucess) { 
   if (sucess) { 
      RanNum = Math.ceil(Math.random()*5); 
      ran = this["quote"+RanNum]; 
      quote_txt.text = ran; 
   } else { 
      quote_txt.text = "Error Text."; 
//-- Button Next 
this.next_btn.onPress = function() { 

Please anyone have a tip how can I make the text auto scroll if it is bigger than the textbox?

Thank you very much!