Loading sections in flash 5

How u doing guys, I m just wondering if there some one can helps me to find out how to divise a new web site, just to make sure it dosen t takes time to load it. it s a huge web site actually, or a tutorial about loading section when the web site is playing, ok, i ll appreciate the help tks.:goatee:

Can’t think of a tutorial off hand however you might want to bear the following in mind …

<li>Provide something for non flash browsers - there are a few still around.
<li> If you’re using a script to detect browser/ flash version make sure there’s a link somewhere along the lines of “I know I have flash - even though you can’t detect it - let me in!” AOL and Opera are very flaky when detecting flash
<li> Mozilla above NS4.3 won’t recognise SW live connect so you can’t set or read cookies; or call javaScript function embedded in the HTML page.
<li><b>The golden rule is that you can’t second guess where your user will want to go</b>- therefore the best way to design you site is break it into lots of tiny swfs each no more than 15-20k and load these using loadMovie or loadMovieNum
<li> If you build something really slick and don’t want it poached then an if statement built around _url is a an easy (though not cast-iron) way of protecting it
<li> Finally unless you’re using functionality that requires player5 or player6 then export your swfs as player4 - there are still a awful lot of people with player4 embedded

What is this IF statement around an _url you just talked about I would like to know. And how coold some rip off a Flash site when all you see is an Swf and not the FLA. Is there decompilers or someting that can do this?

there are a couple out there…

they don’t give you frame by frame, but it does break up the swf somewhat…


_url is a read-only property which tells you the url of your pubished swf.

if (_url.indexOf(“http://www.mydomain.com”)==-1) {
I’m not playing

Would you put this code in your first frame. And what exactly does it do?