Loading several movies at the same time in the same timeline

Hey everyone!..Hope everything’s cool for everyone…

Here’s the thing: I would like to load several movies in the same timeline at the same time. Capisci?..You know, it’s all been done before, you see a movie loading in the top of the page and in the bottom you see another movie loading at the same time…i thought on the onclipevent but it didn’t worked…capisci? :frowning:

please…any help will be vastly appreciated =)

Thanx in advance!

What do you mean you tried an onClipEvent();?? which one did you use? What was the syntax of the entire onClipEvent?

i tried a few…i don’t really understand very well the action…i was just guessing with the “load”, “enterframe”, etc…

i know, i know…i’m just a begginer…:-\


an onClipEvent(load){} will exicute anything within the curly brackets, whenever that movie clip is loaded up.

onClipEvent(data){} will exicute anything within the curly brackets whenever some data (either an swf or a txt file, or whatever) FINISHES loading into the clip.

The command you’re looking for is probebly,


address is the full URL of the swf that you’re trying to load and
target is the name of the movie clip that you want to load a movie into.

As far as I know you can load as many as you like at the same time. I don’t know how this effects download times though.

I would suggest trying something simple first just to see if you can get the hang of it.

create a Flash movie called “test.FLA”. you can put anything you like it in. It’s just for testing after all. Publish it so that you have a “test.swf” file.

create a second Flash movie called “loader.FLA”, and save it in the same directory as the test.swf

in the “loader.FLA” create a movie clip and give it an “INSTANCE” name of “myLoaderClip”. Remember that instance names are entered into the “instance” panel… it is not the same as the library name.

Open the Actions panel, Select the first frame of the loader.FLA, and enter the following code


check out the results. That’s a basic loadMovie command.

If you couldn’t get it to work, don’t fret. It’s a tricky thing to do when you’re just starting out. Just let me know what happened and I’ll post more details.

Yes, it sounds like loadMovie is what you are going for. You will definitely want to practice that, because if you start doing full flash sites, loadMovie will probably become your best friend.

loadMovie gives you the effect that www.2advanced.com uses. Where they load the navigation, main content, and a bunch of small sub contents all at the same time and you can see each individual loading box.