Loading sounds and swf's

Heres the deal: I have a main movie loading a SoundMC which loads 12 swf’s that contain mp3’s with preloaders in each swf.
example LoadMovie(“swfName”,"_level10")
My issue is that when the swf loads it will load in the top left corner of my movie. So I put it inside of a movieclip and tried to attachMovie(“clipname”)setProperty._x = x;
setProperty._y = x; but no Love. Should I put this in the Main timeline or in the SoundMC timeline or not use it at all?

Here’s what I do to position the MC exactly where I want it to be:

  1. Determine the maximum width and height of the movie you want to load.

  2. Now go back to the main movie and create a new movie clip symbol. Create a rectangle with the same dimensions as the numbers from step 1.

  3. Position the rectangle in the movie clip so that the top left corner falls exactly on the middle of the MC.

  4. Now in Frame 1 of the new MC, add the script: LoadMovie(“swfName”, this)

  5. Drag an instance of this MC onto the stage. The rectangle will appear to give you an idea of the dimensions of the clip to be loaded. Don’t worry, the rectangle will disappear when the other movie loads on runtime. You may want to name this MC if you want to call it later on.

That’s it, let me know if this works out. This is the technique I use to make sure the movie loads in the right spot.

Thank you for the detail, its just what I needed…

Heh. I know I should leave it alone, but I can’t resist…not really sure what that had to do with sounds. :evil:

Im sorry I was so frustrated with that issue that I wasnt thinking clearly.

Well…I posted this question in another thread, but it seems no one even bothered to read that. I believe I’m doing the same thing you’re doing, loading the sounds in external .swfs and using attachSound inside them. My problem is that I can’t seem to use properties like setVolume from _root level. I dunno, maybe I’m just looking at the whole thing the wrong way. Any idea?

Im not sure about setting volume from root. But I think if you load a swf then you dont have access to the main movie’s root. Just off the top of my head when loading a swf try to load it into an emtpy clip that exists on your stage, that should give you access to the main movie _root. Also post your question at were-here.com/ I usually always get an answer those guys are awesome there.