Loading .swf with preloader

Hello. I’m no real expert at flash. I understand the way it works, and, well, Action Script I suck at. I’m a typical frame by frame type of guy. So here’s my issue.

I am making a dynamic map of an area that contains a lot of Lots for sale. Every lot has a button, you click it, it opens details pretty much the same info on each lot.

Each Lot Window has 15 thumbs of houses available to purchase templates.

I want each house to open a new MC, but also load an external swf file that contains several larger photos, between 500kb to 2mb in size. I need a simple way to load an external swf with a preloader that’s also simple to use.’

As of yet, I can’t find any tutorials or examples online that I can use or understand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.