Loading swfs into targets

I am trying to load a swf into a “video box”, (just a simple square graphic) within another swf movie. I have named the instance of the box “insert” and have inserted the load movie scripting commands. However, the movie doesn’t load within the bounds of my target “insert.” No matter what I seem to do…it ends up loading off center with in the box. Do I need to insert _x and _values for the center of my loaded swf to hit the center of my “video box”?

This is a common problem for people trying this for the first time.
The way to solve this is to edit the center registration point of the movie clip you are loading the movie into, to the upper left corner.
Menu option “modify/transform/edit center”.

Also, you should probebly change the name of that instance… I don’t know if “insert” is one of flash’s reserved words or not… but there are a couple of words which flash uses in action script, that you specificaly cannot use for names of objects.