Loading SWFs seperately

I am creating a presentation with many “chapters” and i am making each chapter a seperate SWF but all playing within one main movie. is it possible to have the chapter2 swf loading while chapter1 is playing, and having chapter3 swf load while chapter2 is playing and so on, etc…


It is certainly possible to instruct Flash to load the chapters at any time you want.

I’ve never tried it, but perhaps loading your swfs into movie clips that only appear in one frame would work. That is, on the chpt 1 frame, you are loading chpt 2 into an mc on the chpt 2 frame. because you are on the chpt 1 frame, you don’t see the chpt 2 movie loading until you get to the chpt 2 frame.

Otherwise, you could load it into a masked layer or into a transparent placeholder while you read the previous chapter. Remember that swfs loaded into mc inherit all the properties of the mc including alpha. So if the mc has 0% alpha, so will the loaded swf. When you get to the next frame, the movie has already loaded on to the users system.

I would suggest the mask option, because you can remove it on the next frame and view the loading progress (if it hasn’t completely loaded). It could make your timeline pretty thick but that’s only if the first method doesn’t work