Loading Text from External File

Question 1

When you load text dynamically from an external .TXT file, you have to set up your variables like so:

name=Kirupa Chinnathambi&[email protected]&location=Earth

I’ve tried to make it neater by putting a few line breaks here and there. But it causes the movie to not work. So, is there any way to not write the text in an external file in one super long and disgusting line? It’s quite hard to edit the text when you have many variables.

Question 2

How do you use the basic HTML text formatting functions in an external .TXT file? I’m talking about stuff like:

<br>, <p>, and etc...

  1. you could make a php form to edit the text and split it so that you only edited the text

  2. just like your exampe, Kirupa <b>Chinnathambi</b> as far as I know

One way to do this is to use a server side language like PHP to output it. Like so:

echo "name=Kirupa Chinnathambi";
echo "&[email protected]";
echo "&location=earth";

For the html formatting, you need to do a few things in your Flash movie. The first is to do yourTextBox.html = true; This will enable html. And then, instead of doing yourTextBox.text = “stuff”; Do yourTextBox.htmlText = “stuff<br>otherstuff”;

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