Loading Text in a Movie Clip help

[left]Hey everyone,[/left]

[left]What I am trying to accomplish, and not having a very easy time doing, is something I hope you can help with.[/left]

I have a keyframe on frame 1. The frame has an action script of: loadVariablesNum (“news.txt”,0") to load text into a text block. Later on in the same layer, I needed to make my text block apart of a movieclip. Now, the text is loaded into the text block all the way up until it turns into a move clip in the timeline… Well, I consulted my friend on it, and he told me to do this: loadVariablesNum (“news.txt”,_root.clipname) basically, he told me to name my movieclip, and put the name of it in there. so I named my movie clip “clip” and tried it this way: loadVariablesNum (“news.txt”,_root.clip) but that doesn’t seem to be working either.

So, my question is, does anyone know how I can load my text into a movie clip like that?

Thanks for your help.