Loading text, with a big twist ( as always with me )

Ok, I need to load info from a text file on release of a button. Easy enough, but here is the twist. I have 3 buttons, all will load a seperate line of text, of course it will be html dynamics, so I can intergrate links, but I need this in a text box that will tick scrolling the text right to left. So far, if you’ve made it, it’s seems pretty simple…here is the real twist. There is 1 more button, that will act as a power button. As of right now, on press it enables PowerMC, and it plays the MC. On the second press it goes to and plays the off verison.

[AS]on (press) {
if (_root.PowerMC.enabled==false) {
on (press) {
if (_root.PowerMC.enabled==true) {

How would I be able to control the other 3 buttons, so if PowerMC.enabled==false they won’t load in the text. This is pretty confusing, and not knowing enough AS to pull this one off, I really need some help. :smiley: Thxs in advance.

argh, so close but grr!