Loading text?

I used to use Flash a lot, but I haven’t used it for quite a while, and as a result, I’ve forgotten many of the things I picked up over the years. \r\rHow would I do something like this? eggcomm.com/madonna/about/about.asp\r\r(Clicking a button, and have a text box load, I mean. I think he’s calling in an html file. Even if that’s not what’s happening there, how would I do that? \r\r\rThank you very much, whoever responds.

loadVariables(“path/filename.txt”,“target”,“POST”);\r\rthe “path/filename.txt” can be an expression (no quotes if its an expression). the “target” can be replaced with a level number (no quotes if it’s a number). and the “POST” can be “GET” or not there at all.\r\r:) \rjeremy

okay, I must seem like the biggest idiot, but I can’t get it to work. How exactly do I do it? Do I need to make a text box, or something like that? Please, can you take me through the process? \r\rthank you very much.

Some very good stuff here\r\rpom 0]