Loading TXT files

I’ve looked at the “Dynamaically Scrolling Text Files” tutorial and found that the way text files were loaded was using


but my text file is not located in the same directory as the flash file. I know someone is gonna say, just put the text file into the same directory and ur problem is solved, but the answer i’m looking for is how i could change the path of that line for it to recognize files from other directories.

when i put “Text\TextFile.txt” as the parameter, the code is flagged red with an error.

Im not sure if that is possible why cant you just put it in the same directory why do you have to make it more complex then it actually is dude???

Maybe your slash is the wrong way.

i didn’t think it would be any more complex, i just thought it would be a simple change of a path … but i guess apparently not …

i’ve tried the slahes different ways … one way would cause the syntax to be wrong and the code would be hilited red, the other way just fails to load anything …

anymore suggestions ?

I am using a sub folder (“data\data.txt”).

This works fine for me. Maybe it’s a case sensitive issue on your server.

Good luck! Let me know what you find out, as I am having a hell of a time with loading text and different issues.


hmm … weird … cuz it’s working now … just as u said … just putting the path in there works … but i’ve tried this all nite last nite and and all morning today … that was time well wasted …

er … not sure if u saw my other thread about listboxes, hope u have some experience with that cuz that’s giving me a lot of trouble. possibly because the listbox tutorials that i’ve found have been kinda confusing to me still …