Loading + Unloading movies

I am creating a flash intro and I created some text in swish and exported it as a .swf file.

Now I am trying to get it to work in my flash movie.

I have created a blank movie clip and then loaded the movie from there.

It all works fine except it just constaly repeats.

I have tried both the “stop” and “unload” scripts but I can get the movie to stop.

Open a new movie. Import the swf (swish) into it.

You’ll see all the frames from the swf apear. it will not be centered, in general, I just deal with this.
Add a layer, and place a stop action in the last frame, then resave the project. Publish to swf and it should be good to go.

Thanks, solved the problem.

In the export tab in Swish, you can uncheck the loop movie option!?

yes that too. :slight_smile: