Loading variables from ASP into FlashMX

Hello Flashers!

Just getting my toes wet in ActionScript - finally figured out that you can’t get variables from ASP page to show in Test Movie mode ! Anyhow, now that I can actually get data into FlashMX couple of quick questions…

  1. Do I have to load the results from my ASP page into a Flash array before I can load them into the combobox?

  2. Should I designate both labels and data values when loading the ComboBox? I want to be able to pass the Selected value as a filter back to another ASP page to
    query another dataset…

TIA for your help!

Why the hell can’t you load from asp in test anymore?
That really sucks

I tried for several days to get the ASP variables to pass into Flash - kept testing the movie with no results. Then I read on one of the Flash boards that it wouldn’t work unless I embedded the movie in an HTML file and then accessed the ASP via the //localhost, since the ASP has to be invoked through IIS. Makes sense, since you can’t ever successfully invoke an ASP page directly from Windows Explorer…

You had any luck with using the new components dynamically?


I don’t know about ASP, but with PHP, you can install Apache, and there you go, you can do all the tests you want.

pom 0]

i just got it, so no
right now i’m doing video editing with it
(the old way i had going, the new way doesn’t do what i want it to)