Loading xml in textarea comp


I’m currently working on a project I have a mainframe.swf and a personal.swf,
in the mainframe.swf there is a button named PERSONAL,and when you click on it,it load a movie called personal.swf,then when it is loaded,the textarea load a xml with css but it only load the picture define in the xml file and the text seem to be missing. here is my code in the personal.swf that loads the xml.

import mx.controls.TextArea;
var mc_container:TextArea;
	mc_container.html = true;
	mc_container.editable = false;
	mc_container.wordWrap = true;
	mc_container.label.condenseWhite = false; 
mctxtStyle = new TextField.StyleSheet();
	mc_container.styleSheet = mctxtStyle;
mctxtContent = new XML();
mctxtContent.ignoreWhite = true;
var p_mctxt=	mc_container;
mctxtContent.onLoad = function(success)
  p_mctxt.text = mctxtContent;
  delete p_mctxt;

Is there anything should i do in the mainframe.swf? because when I tried running the personal.swf alone it works fine I can see the text,but when I tried using mainframe.swf which I click a button and then the personal.swf will appear in the mask in the stage but it only show the picture.

Please help me thanks,:puzzled: