loadMovie about to make me stab myself with a fork

Sorry for the thread title but we’re beyond frustration level at this point :slight_smile:

I’m working on a music site that consists of a main movie, mp3 player movie, and section content movies. the section SWFs all load into an empty movieclip in the main SWF. I was originally loading the mp3 player SWF into a level but realized it was tough to control from there so i created an empty MC to load that into. Problem is, when i do that it loses all functionality and just sits there.

I realized that it might be a _root actionscript issue so i did some research and discovered the _lockroot property, I set this._lockroot = true for the player and was able to load it in a 1 frame test movie totally functional, it loaded MP3s and all the buttons work. BUT when i used the EXACT same code in my main movie it doesn’t work, the player loads but i get no MP3s working and no functionality. I’m clueless and fantastically frustrated as to what this might be, thoughts? my loading code is:


where player_spot is the instance name of a blank mc and player.swf is the mp3 player (with _lockroot=true applied). any ideas? i can share the code if need be. thanks.