Loadmovie actionscript

I’m trying to load several movies after the other.
with loadMovie:

loadMovie (“test1.swf”, 2);
unloadMovieNum (2);
loadMovie (“test2.swf”, 3);
unloadMovieNum (3);

As soon as movie 1 is ended I want that movie2 starts.

I want that the loading of movie (test2.swf) starts when test1.swf is ended.

Can you please help me.
T.I.A. Ibrahim

I’m not to clever with action scripting, but I’ll give it a go!
You could try putting the load movie script into the last keyframe of movie 1 asking for movie 2. Then put the same into movie 2, in the last keyframe, asking for movie 3 to load in and so on.
That should do it but there is ovbiously a better way :slight_smile:

Exactly. Or set a marker to 1 when a movie ends, and check that value in the master movie. Basically the same idea as Lob.

And by the way, you can’t loadMovie (“test1.swf”, 2);, you have to loadMovieNum (“test1.swf”, 2);

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Thanks dudes,
I’ll better describe the problem.
I’m trying to make the tool generic as I can.
I want to select some swf files with a PHP-backoffice-system
It generates a text-file with file names selected.
I want that action script reads this file and plays the files after the other.
I have the first part until reading the text-file with action script. But the last part; playing movies after the other is a problem.
May be I can better solve it with PHP, by using the swflib.
Thanks a lot again, and if you have some suggetions don’t
hesitate to tell me.


Yes, but the answer is the same. At the end of all your movies, just put

 next = 1

And then where you control everything, (i supposed you put all your movie names in an array called ‘names’), all you have to to is

 if (next) {
   i++ ; // counter
   loadMovieNum (names[ i],i);
   next = 0 ;

You can’t copy and paste this just like this, but I hope this will give you the idea.

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