loadMovie and embedFonts not co-operating

So I’m attempting to embed a font in a dynamic text field and have run into a little issue with it. Basically at the moment, I’ve got this sort of thing going on:

  • a Font Symbol with linkage ID “sydnie” (that’s the name of the font)
  • a dynamic text field with instance name “screenText”
  • then something like this to make it work:

var fontFixer = new TextFormat();
fontFixer.font = “sydnie”;

screenText.embedFonts = true;
screenText.setNewTextFormat( fontFixer );

Now, this actually works perfectly fine. When I export, the font is there and everything looks good. HOWEVER, the movie in question is a small mp3 player for a site that is actually loaded from within another movie (using loadMovie() ) and for whatever reason, the font doesn’t get embedded when it’s opened from that other movie. I’ve tried adding the font symbol to the library of the parent movie, but that didn’t seem to help anything.

I’m new to the forum, so if this has been covered before, by all means, a link to an existing thread would be perfectly helpful. Any insight?