Loadmovie and getURL problem

Hi I have two problems atm.

Im getting a full path from a movie I loaded into the main swf with loadmovie
(like: _root.myPath = “pics/im”+myNumber+".jpg"; ) when I check it with a dynamic text field it shows the path correctly, but when I assign that myPath to getURL command it do not work ? Actually I cant assing it, how can I do that ?
both getURL(myPath, _blank); or getURL(“myPath”, _blank); do NOT work ?


Secondly its about the loadmovie problem. I load several swfs (all 900x900)from outside into a 300x300 container area, how can I make them draggable ?
Giving a brief desc will enough for this.
The container area is: mc_container
mc_container.onPress = function() {
do not work too.

Pls help, thanks