loadMovie and play a frame in the called movie

Is this possible?

I have a loadmovie command that I want to call a movie to replace the one that already exists. I can do that just fine, but is there a way to do a loadMovie and instead of that movie playing on frame “wait” (frame 1), I can play a label called “start” (frame 10)

I know this doesn’t work.

return_btn.onRelease =function (){
loadMovie (“lab.swf”, 2);
gotoAndPlay (“start”)

If anything what would work?

many thanks

what method are you using to load the swf is it loading into a level or a mc??


I am using levels.

consulting.swf is loaded into _level2 and it contains the return_btn script below,
and on return_btn fireing. I want to call lab.swf into _level2 and play frame 10 or marker “start”.

Thanks for the help!