loadMovie from html link

I´m trying to make a movie swf to load different .swf files but pressing html links in the same page it´s embeded.
What I got is that links are passing good a variable called ´video´ to swf…

Using a jscript in html page, and html links as follows:

<script language = “JavaScript”>
function PassFlash(){
window.document.movie.SetVariable(“video”, “video.swf”);

<a href="#" onClick=“PassFlash()”>Load this video into flash please!</a>

But I think I didn´t build the actionscript correctly… I can´t find the way to make the movie to load a determinated .swf using that variable…

If I put a loadMovie (video, “mclipholder”) and a stop (); in a frame the variable is not useful because the movie doesn´t load.

If I add a gotoAndPlay (1) for making the movie loop, the swf loads again and again…

I want the main movie to be able to recognize when an html link is pressed (and passes the variable called ´video´) and then to load the correct movie…

Any help please?

Your javascript to flash code doesn’t work! I have tried it as well