loadMovie from internal data?

well my title may be kind of cryptic but… heres what i mean.
i’ve got a main.swf file which loads in a spaceData.swf file into
systemData movieclip
ActionScript Code:
[FONT=Courier New][LEFT]systemData.[COLOR=#0000FF]loadMovie[/COLOR]COLOR=#000000[/COLOR];

now there is a movieclip in the ‘spaceData.swf’ which was loaded into ‘systemData’ i want to load onto ‘myMc’…
the mc in spaceData.swf i want to load onto myMc is called ‘ss’.
how would i accomplish that?

i want ‘spaceData.swf’ to contain all my data and external mc’s (atleast most of them) so it can easily be loaded into the main movie.
there will be like 50 external mc’s so loading em all separatly would become tedious