loadMovie/gotoFrame from external text file

hi crew again

my next experiments consist on loading a movie/ or gotoframe on a hyperlink with html text that i load from a .txt file.

is this actually possible?

did my share on searching the web but i can’t seem to find valid information upon this question.

i mean this such type of html code

visit the site<a href="http://test.com" target="_self"><font color = "#FF9933"> for more info 

so basicly my intention is, to refer to a hyperlink but just go to a “frame” or load a movie. where you have in your FLA some more info about the site you are going to enter

again, i am just experimenting with these things, it has no real purpose but it would be considered nice if it really could work.

flash is a broad enviroment so i guess there must be a way to work around it

if this is a stupid thought plz say so, i bet there are various ways to do this.again² just experimenting