loadMovie Headaches...Help!

Ok I’m using the following loadMovie script to load flash movies onto my website.

on (release) {

So the script works perfectly. It’s a platformer game( 550 x 400) I’m trying to load. Now here’s the wierd part. It loads in fine, but the AS gets all messed up. My guy dissapears( well I briefly see him fall through the platforms, so obviously the AS is off) and basically nothing is functional. If I play it from my desktop or from the game fla. It works beautifully. Then there’s another movie(300 x 300) when I load it in there’s no background! Flash just takes away the bg of my movie and leaves me with text and buttons. The AS appears to be messed up with this one as well. Does anyone know the answer to this strange problem:h:? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

for the messed AS…
its maybe because when programming the game u used absolute paths (_root.blah…), they dont work when loaded into another movie because _root changes the solution is to change that into relative paths (_parent.blah…) or if that is too much trouble just open it on a new window

for the background…
the loaded movie has to have a DRAWN background because loaded movies will have the color background of the movie that loads em

Arg…are you serious…What a pain. That means I’d have to open every single thing in a new window :frowning: …bah…Anyways thanks for your help :).

ur welcome :kir: