Loadmovie in loadmovie?


That is the site in question.

It is done with the loadMovie thing in the topleft corner of the ‘TV screen’. The coding on the page is as follows

well, on the home page, on the right side I have a ‘promo’ type thing. So I put in another ‘loadMovie’ on the actual home.swf, linking to a seperate file (so that i can easily change what is there, without having to actually edit several layers on the home.swf page.

the coding on the home page is as follows

now. When viewing the ‘home.swf’ page on it’s own everything works. However when I attempt to view the ‘home’ page through the actual site it does not work. I know I read someone talking about layers a long while back, and I thought maybe that is what I needed, and it was some different coding?

Please help me, because I don’t know what to do…

Im having the same problem. = (


In the page.swf make a movie and call it "box"
you can delete everything in it so that it is clear.


The should load the promo.swf in the position where you have box.

Hope that helps ?