LoadMovie issue


I have a main swf file that has 10 buttons on it each uses the LoadMovie script as in :

but14.onPress = function () {
container._x = 263 ;
container._y = 175 ;

So this works correctly but I want to have buttons in the loaded “password_early.swf” that replaces itself with/ loads up another swf. (another satisfactory scenario would be to cover it up entirely thereby rendering “password_early.swf” invisible.)

I have got this script in the “password_early.swf” movie:

but20.onPress = function () {
loadMovie(“zoo.swf”, “container”);
container._x = 0 ;
container._y = 0 ;

When I test the password movie, zoo.swf loads up on top of password_early.swf., but when I run the main movie zoo.swf does not appear at all when password_early.swf’s button are pushed.

I realize that it’s a hierarchical situation and I can’t seem to get the third movie to load in level 1?

Any help would be appreciated.