loadMovie() issues for background soundtrack

Let’s say I have one swf called ‘main’ that loads in another swf called ‘soundtrack’…

Why doesn’t it loop perfectly, there’s a 1-2 second delay between loops…(the original wav loops perfectly, I cut it myself in SF6)

…if I use the loop in the Properties menu of the ‘soundtrack’ file then it works but after the second cycle it begins to overlap itself and the trainwreck begins!!!

Any ideas?

I was under the impression that once a loadMovie() is loaded it doesn’t need to be reloaded when it’s called again…it should be in cache, no?

Anyway heads up, I’m a newbie with Actionscript…but Friends of ED (and friends of KIRUPA) are helping me progress right quick!



is the movie soundtrack only one frame or is it multiple frames (also am I correct to assume that the ONLY function of ‘soundtrack’ is to hold your background music and nothing else?)… ?

That was exactly it!!!

Multiple frames were making it loop funny…

I had been messing around with it and I left the frames dragged out to the length of the sine wave, so I dropped all the extra frames and it was perfect!

Any clue why that happens? Any other insights on streaming sound this way?

I’m still not sure exactly how swf files load to a user machine, so I’m not positive doing lengthy audio this way is gonna help me…

Anyway, thanks for the lead!!