loadMovie, loadMovieNum question

hello forum people,

i loaded an external swf with loadMovie, but when it loaded, the image that was also to be loaded with it, i believe, was being loaded into a lower level???. so, i tried loadMovieNum out of curiosity and targeted a specific level just to see what would happen and it worked, the swf with the image was then loaded correctly.

the external swf i am loading is a gallery of images that use xml to load each image into a container clip called holderMC. i then have this swf loading into another fla into a container clip called container.

so, i was wondering if anyone could explain to me what exactly was going on. Why was the image not being loaded correctly into the containerMC inside the external swf with loadMovie, but then worked with loadMovieNum??

i’m sorry if that was a confusing explanation, but thanks for any explanations you might have.