Loadmovie problem

Hi guys,

How do I load movies into my swf file wherein after it plays that movie, it goes to the next one automatically.

Its like this. I have a flash movie in which images as well as flash movies rotate one after the other rather like a slideshow. The images slowly fade in and fade out but the flash pages that I would like to show, I want them to play the small animations given and then the movie should continue onto the next file that comes after it?

Can this be done, if so how.

Would really appreciate some help on this!!


Place this on the last frame of an external movie:[AS]_root.InstanceName.loadMovie(“fileName.swf”);[/AS]I’m sure there’s a better way to do this however this should work. Just change fileName to whatever movie comes next and also change the Instance Name to match yours.

try at the end of the loaded swf putting _root.container.loadMovie(“whatever.swf”); maybe? just a guess…

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