loadMovie problem!

I’m new to Flash (about 6 weeks) and I have a bit of a problem

If you check out:


access the camera section you will see that the images scroll.

when I load this swf into my main site:


(enter the site, choose ‘practice’, then ‘personal’.)
it will not work!
accessing ‘personal’ loads the university3.swf into ‘loading_mc’ which is just a blank movie clip, you can see the outline of it when you first load my site.

Why will it not work? what am I doing wrong? if anything.

The code I created for the scroll clip is as follows:

onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
xmousepos1 = _xmouse;
ymousepos1 = _ymouse;
if (ymousepos1>ymousepos2 && ymousepos1>-75 && xmousepos1>-40 && xmousepos1<50) {
tellTarget (_root.box1.camera_mc.nextFrame()) {
if (ymousepos1<ymousepos2 && ymousepos1<100 && xmousepos1>-40 && xmousepos1<50) {
xmousepos2 = _xmouse;
ymousepos2 = _ymouse;

I’m sure it’s not pretty, but, learning curve and all that.

I would be greatfull for any help anyone can provide.