LoadMovie problem

i want to press a button to load an external swf into a target using: loadMovie(“external.swf”,target_name).

i had set the size of the target.
However the swf is bigger than the target (i mean the width and height), then only a certain part of the swf appear.

when i use this:
it’s actually scale down the extrnal movie,but not really fit into the blank mc that i had preset the size.

like in powerpoint, we can put a swf movie anyway we want, and we can adjust the size of the displayed movie anytime, bcos the flash mc will fit into the border we create, all the mc will be appear no matter how we change the size.

is there anyway that we can do in order to do that in flash ?? thanx!

If you just have an empty mc and load the external swf into it, the swf should appear it’s normal size.

The only thing is to align the blank mc where you want on stage. i normally do this by inserting a rectangle into the blank mc then moving around so I know where the external swf will appear. And make sure the external swf contents are aligned to the top left of the stage.

If you just want it centred normally, just create an empty movie clip align it to x and y 0, then load the external swf into it. It should appear centred.

i mean the empty mc size is smaller than the main mc, and the external mc is much much more bigger than the empty mc. when the button clicked, only a little part of the external mc appear.
i have try what u said, but it still the same.
how can i do so that the external mc size become the same as the empty mc size when its loaded ?? or may be i have misunderstood what u say.
anyway, thanks for replying.

I think I know what you mean. Can you post a link to the site (if its up) or a link to the fla. Or upload your fla here. If it’s too big to upload here. Or email it to me (address in the footer).

the swf is download from kirupa.com. in this case its size is smaller than the empty mc, so how to make it the same size as the empty mc (just as make the bigger swf become smaller so its same as the empty mc)?
i use this swf bcos its file size is very small.

Thank u!

I’m still a bit confused. Try this, it’s the one you posted with changes - the first scene loads the external swf and makes it bigger, the second scene just loads it into level 1.

In Flash when you load an external swf into an mc you don’t have to worry about the size of the mc, the size that appears will be the size of the swf, just worry about _x and _y

the size is what i worry about. it’s a big problem if the external swf is still the same size when i load in.

eg, if the external movie size is very big, and the empty mc is very small then, when i load in, the external swf is still it original size which is very big, then only a small part of the swf will be displayed.

what i meant is to set the empty mc size (width=470, height=348). and when i load in the external movie, the movie size (no matter what’s it origial size) will become same size as the empty mc size, so that, all part of the swf will appear.

in the 1st scene of ur mc, the size become big, but some part of the right size been disappear.

Anyway, thanx because trying to help me, really thanx!!

Is there a reason you’re setting a size for the empty mc? And how are you doing it?

Just drag it to the stage give it an instance and load into it. That’s it - the external will stay the size it is unless you x or y scale the empty clip.

ok, i’ll just follow ur advice.
may be i should read more concepts in flash 1st, bcos i just touch this flash less than one week.
Thanx for willing to help me as a newbie.