loadMovie problems?

Ok, bit of a Flash novice here… I’m just having a bit of a problem with loading movies and this random image actionscript I’m using.

take a look at http://www.garsonkwan.com/

the first thing you see is main.swf. This contains the actionscript for the random photo thing, which loads into a container called randomswf. Now when you click “portfolio” it loads an external movie called “portnav.swf” which then loads another external movie called “printlist.swf”. When you click one of the items, say “Moment of Complexity Spreads”, it loads a movie like “mc_spreads.swf”.

Now the problem is when you load a portfolio item, the background changes too… gets a bit annoying. How can I get it to stay static? Did that make sense? heh



If I am understand you correctly, though you could post your fla!, you have a placeholder. That placeholder loads all the other swf’s and any recurring ones that those load.

If that is so, the best thing to do is, in your MAIN stage. Your _root level. Whatever level is the original movie when you open flash. In that level, have the placeholder “randomswf” be on its own layer. Have that layer be above the backround layer. That way when whatever you load into that placeholder, whatever is below it (the backround) it will stay there no matter what you load into that placeholder.

Hope I am describing what you are wanting

sorry danno , but you just made me double confused,lol, but seriously though i am thinking that [GK] want the background to stay there, but when he is in the portfolio section he would like the background to be static, so it would be somthing with the code,

iam not the best at coding, but i am thinkin maybe some if statement could do the trick, maybe some variables to have a check on what movie is loaded and if you want to continue to load random images.

Not really that hard to get. here:


_menu item #1
_menu item #2
_menu item #3

_placeholder for loaded menu item

_placeholder for random .swf backround



so that when you load a menu item that you select from the left, it will load on top of the already loaded random backround. I went to your site and that would work juuuuuuuust fine if you had it set up like above

Danno: Hrmm actually that’s exactly how I have it laid out, each of the movies loads into their seperate placeholders on the their seperate layers. But its still loading the random background for some reason.

Here’s my FLA, might help :wink:

Ok so heres the .fla for ya.

compile it, test the .swf because i can’t … you have all the other ones.

if it works, ROCKIN. Just let me know.