LoadMovie-s controlling input textfields

FIXED!!! You can ignore this post! Unless you came here by google and having same problems i am!

Hi All, first post here. I’ve done a lot of tinkering and reading…and researching and researching…and it’s driving me nuts. I always research till i’m blue in the face before i make a post, anyways here it goes.

My goal: load a .swf file from a movie clip, modify the text field of an input text.

My scheme. I have a movieclip called page4, when a button called “quote” is released it loads contact.swf into a movieclip “contactholder.” Great, that’s easy works fine.

I need to edit a input text field called poi within contact.swf.

quote.onRelease = function() {
 loadMovie("contact.swf", "contactholder");
 _root.page4.contactholder.poi.text = "PRODUCT NAME";

The poi’s text field is not taking the “product name” in.

I need to modify that field when the button is pressed this way i can use my contact.swf repeatedly and update the poi field when different quote buttons are pressed with a corressponding product name.

Seems like this should be so easy, but, it refuses to work.

Thanks in advance. I’d post the .fla, but it’s corporate work for a defense contractor i recently started working for (told them i didn’t really know much programming just some basic AS!)

EDIT: I did some retooling around. brought that contact.swf into my main movie (it’s a contact form with some AS that talks to some coldfusion, no big deal) so that everything is in one movie and tried this

quote.onRelease = function() {
contactholder._visible = true;
_root.page4.contactholder.poi.text = "PRODUCT NAME";

So it seems to be some sort of pathing issue?


contactholder.poi.text = “PRODUCT NAME”;

Just doing that seemed to do the trick, i guess after staring at this for so long i was going overkill on stuff tryign to make sure there were no mistakes…Wow…ok i got it!

DISREGARD THIS STUPID POST! Sorry! Thanks to anyone who would have responded!