loadMovie (Sorry)

Hey Everyone.

I just combed all of the LoadMovie threads and couldn’t find help ot what I am doing.

Here’s the deal.
I am using Flash MX (but publishing as Flash 5 b/c my main site viewers don’t have the Flash 6 player). I am using loadMovie to load .swf files into a movie clip. I am using the program jpg2swf to convert my .jpg files into .swf files and then loading the .swf into the movie. The main movie is formated to 700x268, and the swf’s are all loaded into the main folder.

The problem is this: the movie works fine when I test it in Flash, however when I publish it the thumbnails do not bring up my new .swf file into the movie. Any thoughts??? It’s frustrating the hell out of me.

Thanks in Advance!

-Flashing in Texas