loadMovie Sound problem

I am loading " sound.swf " into my movie, I am loading it into a target. That movie also contains a preloader.

My actionsript for the keyframe in the main movie is

loadMovie(“sound.swf”, “empty”);

When I test the movie the loop plays, but when I turn off the loop, and turn it on it wont play again, can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Thanks for help.

Hmm i dont undestand…can you place the code you are using?

ahh yes this happeend to me one time, post your code

Ok this is my sound fla the one im going to load into my main fla


This is my main fla where I want it to load.


[AS]mySound = new Sound(this);
mySound.start(0, 999);
playing = true;[/AS]

Kax thanx man, you saved me once again lol, I owe you big time. Thanks :wink:


No problem. :wink: