loadMovie Syntax Solved: Thanks Suprabeener

   \r\rloadMovie(eval(_parent._parent.content + ".swf")  , _parent.holder);\r\r

\r\ram I using eval correctly? \rThis code is inside a preloader that is attatched to part of a menu and loads content into the holder clip which is located in the parent.

you don’t need to use eval in that context.\r\rloadMovie(_parent._parent.content+".swf", _parent.holder);\r\rwill work fine, assuming that those variables and that movie and that swf all exist.

Thanks Suprabeener… I realized that at 4 in the morning last night. hehe And it works great. Pretty much what this script for is kinda complicated:\r\rSmart Clip: Menu\r variables: Title, Content\r\rIn the pull down part of the menu I embedded script which calls an attachMovie on a MC called Preloader. Preloader goes all the way up the chain of its parents till it hits the top Menu MC level where the Content variable resides. It then adds .swf to it loads it into holder, which is an offshoot of Preloader’s parent. Then that Content swf which takes the instance name holder now, does a removeMovieClip on Preloader. \rThis is great because I can use as many menus throughout my site as I want and all i have to specify in the clip parameters window is the content name.\r\rAgain thanks for your help,\rJohn Ziebro\rLiquid Genius

Hey,\r\rI am playing with you random motion tutorial and was wondering if there was a way have the randomly moving movies to come in from the left as opposed to the right. Thanks for the tutorial BTW, :slight_smile: \r\rJohn

liquid - gotta love oop. ;)\r\rleadmine - isn’t it random?