Loadmovie with a preloader problem


well mi problem is this, i have my main swf movie and in this movie i want to load another swf movie that have a preloader, but the preloader doesn´t seems to work. take a look to it asteroides500.tripod.com/video/cacaweb.html
press the button, wen you press it the preloader seems to be finished, but the the movie is not loaded, then you have to wait a while to get loaded the movie. the movie with the preloader works ok but wen i load it into the main movie it doesn´t work.

here is mi code

for the button:

on (release) {

[COLOR=red]pelicula[/COLOR] is the name of the empty movieclip and [COLOR=blue]videospre.swf [/COLOR] is the movie with the preloader.

thnx for your help.