I have a main movie then little movies that load into the right side of the main movie using ‘loadmovie’

Each of the little movies has a preloader as they are quite big in size, but when i click the button on the main movie to open the little movie theres a small pause (3-4secs) before the little movie preloader appears?

Anyone know how to get rid of this pause because it makes the site feel that its not working right?


Are the preloader clips all the same clip just in different movies? If so, consider a shared library.

Yeah the preloader clips are shared.

Basically i have a menu on the left side of the movie with buttons. When one of these buttons is pressed a seperate .swf is loaded into the right side of the main movie. But when the menu button is pressed, the .swf that is supposed to load doesnt appear instantly - theres a short delay.

At the begining of each seperate swf is a preloader that should appear as soon as the menu button is pressed but it doesnt, its a good 3-5 secs before anything happens…

Hope that explains it better… I cant think what i can do to stop the pause…

That seems strange. If you use an item from a shared library, it was my understanding that it wouldn’t need to download again and therefore would instantaniously apear if called upon.

Perhaps we should look at this a different way.

how big is the preloader by itself, in k?

It might just have to be cut back a bit in size… made smaller.

too tell the truth… I’m really not sure why that’s doing that.

my preloader on the clips was really small, just a few lines of code and a little progress bar…

I asked the guys at flashkit and flash-db too,

The guy at flash db knew exactly what i was talkin about because he had the same prob, unfortunatly he didnt know how to fix it either :frowning:

He gave me something i could try tho to cheat - making a fake loading clip then appears when the button is pressed that is contained in the main movie, then the external movie will load ontop of it once its fully loaded. :slight_smile:

lol… that’s a great idea to overcome that glitch. So simple…