loadMovieNum ....and effect

hello guys!

i’ve a little problem,

this is the page where i’m working at the moment: www.constructors.it/prova

is just a proof.

Upun there is a menu with some buttons, all of them got a actionscript like this:

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“capabilities.swf”, 6);
so every movie.swf load perfectly in the right position.

But i would like that every time i click in button, the previous loadedmovie, close itself with an effect.

but when i click in another button, automatically my previous lodead movie will be replaced with the new one.

like this page …


everytime you click in another button the page is closing with an effect, and automatilly loads the page you requested.

i hope to be clear,…

my english is not the good:)

please help me