loadSound using values in Array

I’m trying to get this to work but must be missing something in the syntax.
[COLOR=Black]I’m using an Array to move from label to label (AS 2):[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]var myArr:Array = [“start”,“intro1”,“intro2”, etc…];[/COLOR]

I want to have sound start when jumping to each label. This first statement works:
[COLOR=Blue]voice.loadSound(“mp3s/DT_intro1.mp3”, true);
But I want to integrate the mp3 name with values in the Array like this:
[COLOR=Blue]voice.loadSound(“mp3s/DT_” + myArr[count] + “.mp3”);

When I do a trace action for myArr[count] it does correctly output “intro1”. Not sure why it’s not able to load the same sound as in the first method though.

I’m not an expert at AS so hopefully this is a simple fix.