i am loading this “news.txt” into my flash. before this, i have the html tag works fine. but i encounter another problem, and found tat it was nothing…might be some kinda bug or wat. now my flash doesnt read the html tag in it.

for example: <b> Title </b>
but i duno why if it doesnt read the tag, why it understood 1 of my html tag <br>?

scroller.autoSize = false;
var lorem_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
lorem_lv.onData = function(src:String):Void  {
    if (src != undefined) {
        scroller.html = true;
        scroller.htmlText =  *(dont know why if i put anything here, will show all the  html tag in text format)
        scroller.text = src;
    } else {
        scroller.text = "Unable to load external file.";

isit some kind of bug of flash8 for showing 2 effect on different “mood” of its own?