loadVariables help, please

i’m using flash forms for the first time and am testing a very simple example of loadVariables (see .fla file) for our company.

[http://live.foneport.com/andy/foneDreamShell/sub.zip](flash file)

on the button action, i should be sending the variables ‘name’ and ‘mobile’ to live.foneport.com - i know this isn’t actually a script, but i have been told that eventually this url will redirect to a PHP script.

anyway, we are testing to see of these variables are being received but there is no trace of them, so i’m posting to see if anyone can tell me what i’m doing wrong. as far as i can see the problem could be:

a. in the flash file, but it’s very simple - two input fields and a submit button

b. with the server, might the redirect be an issue? i am loading the swf to live.foneport.com too.

if anyone can give me a pointer as to why the variables aren’t arriving i’d be very grateful.

1000 x thanks in advance.