loadVariablesNum (AS1.0, flash 5)

I’m running into a problem when using loadVariablesNum. I’m putting data into a database table with php and mysql. When all I want to do is pass some variable like k = “153”; or name = “mike”; it works with no problem. But I want to put something like time = “08:16:54”; into my table and that’s where the problem lies. It won’t let me. I click on the button that sends the data to the table when running my game and nothing happens. It must be something about either data types or loadVariablesNum that I just don’t understand. Another thing I discovered while trying to solve this problem is that if I try to send something like k = “12-345”; all that shows up in the table is “12”. I get the same result with other symbols but haven’t had any luck with the colon. In actuality, the time I define and am trying to send to the table is created by code like this: *time = hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds;
So can anyone help?