loadVariablesNum - Collecting Variables

I am using loadVariablesNum with php. I am running into problems in collecting all the flash variables and pushing them to php. It is a move clip thing - I have 3 input boxes in movieclip(a) with a submit button. I have 12 input boxes in a movieclip(b) that is inside movieclip(a). These are the variables that do not get passed to php. The variables in movieclip(a) are passed just fine.

Here is my submit button code:

on (release) {
if ((vemail.indexOf("@") != -1) && (vemail.indexOf(".") != -1) && (length(vemail)>5)) {

loadVariablesNum(“merchform.php”, 0, “POST”);

} else {
vemail = “Please enter email”;


I have tried using Var and pushing the variables into the correct movieclip(a) but nothing has worked thus far.

Any Ideas?