loadVariablesNum won't work in MX04

I have made a small poll question for a website. It worked fine in Flash MX. Here is the code on the button:

on (release) {
SalesChoice = radioButtons.group1.getValue();
CSRChoice = radioButtons.group2.getValue();
CoachChoice = radioButtons.group3.getValue();
loadVariablesNum(“pollHandler.asp”, 0, “POST”);

group1, group2, and group3 are 3 different Radio Button groups. Using the trace command, i’ve seen that it is indeed grabbing the values of the 3 radio button groups.

In Flash MX, the “loadVariablesNum(“pollHandler.asp”, 0, “POST”);” code would gather up all the variables, and send them to an ASP page that would grab these variables using this ASP code:

SalesChoice = Request.Form(“SalesChoice”)
CSRChoice = Request.Form(“CSRChoice”)
CoachChoice = Request.Form(“CoachChoice”)

In Flash MX’04 I made sure to publish the file in Actionscript 1.0 and for the Flash Player version 6.0, but it still does not seem to want to send the variables to the ASP page.

Now maybe there is a better way to code this, I don’t know, but ultimately, I need the SWF file to take the radio button’s variables, and send them to the ASP page, but I cannot use the getURL() because the ASP page is not supposed to actually load up in the browser, I just need the code in the ASP page to run, and email the results to a specified email address. All of the ASP coding works as it should, so through the process of elimination, the “loadVariablesNum” line of code is where the problem lies.

Anyone have any thoughts?